Every Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky (2024)

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Every Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky (2)

Monica Lewinsky. Photo: Photos: Getty Images

During her very well-received TED Talk last week, Monica Lewinsky mentioned that she’s been referenced in almost 40 rap songs by artists like Beyoncé, Eminem, Lil B, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Jeezy.

As it turns out, while Lewinsky does appear prominently in lyrics by all of those artists, she’s drastically underestimated the total number. Using data provided by Genius,the Cut discovered that some variation of her name has been dropped in about 128 songs (excluding most remixes) — and there are probably more. Lewinksy is most commonly rhymed with whiskey, and at least two songs are entirely about her: G-Eazy’s “Monica Lewinsky” and the crudest, “Splashin’ Over Monica” by Mr. Live.

Some songs use the scandal as a historical touchstone, as when Celph Titled raps, “sh*t was good when Billy Clinton was gettin Lewinsky puss*.”But mostly, references to Lewinsky in hip-hop have one of two meanings. The first is global shorthand for all things fellati* and can be found in English,Polish, German, Spanish, and French rap songs. “The cigar” makes only a single appearance, but at least 70 songs use her name as a verb related to oral sex: i.e., to Lewinsky, to give Lewinsky, to get Lewinsky. Sometimes her name is synonymous with coming, both as a verb and — when paired with face, dress, or gown— a noun. See: Beyoncé, in “Partition,” whose sex partner “Monica Lewinsky–ed all on her gown.”

The other use of Lewinsky is as a derogatory term for an inferior person — either an insult against lesser emcees (referred to as “Lewinskys”or accused of sucking like Monica) or a stand-in for a prostitute or willing sexual partner. Songs casually use Lewinsky to refer to the women who throw themselves atprominent men in clubs,to insult women who kiss and tell, or to label the“obvious slu*ts,”who are power-hungry. One song, “It Has Been Said,” by Aaron Omar, even uses Lewinsky as a virgin/whor* moral lesson, warning listeners to avoid becoming a Lewinsky: “You should be a Michelle Obama.” And of course, there’s the now-infamous Chris Rock mock interview, in which he used Lil Kim samples as Lewinsky’s answers to demonstrate just how crass Lil Kim was (its own kind of inverse slu*t-shaming).

Monica-as-a-metaphor gets more interesting when it touches on cultural power imbalances. Rapper 2 Chainz equates having a “Monica Lewinsky” sidepiece as the ultimate power symbol:“I’m on the top floor / Presidential suite / Monica Lewinsky; presidential freak / Look at my rolley; presidential piece.” Because it’s not enough just to be the president — you must also get to dominate a woman in the Oval Office.

But it is Nicki Minaj’s use of Monica Lewinsky that manages to transcend the clichés. Minaj refers to herself as “Nicki Lewinsky” in 12 of her own songs. In her typically bombastic style, “Still I Rise” declares, “Sex game kinky / nigg*s call me Pinky / f*ck with presidents / I am Nicki Lewinsky,”insinuating that no man, no matter how powerful, can resist her. When Minaj calls herself“Young Money Monica,” she’s copping the name as a sexual disrupter, as a woman who knows the power of her own sexuality and can harness it for great wealth and, ultimately, power. It took nearly 20 years, and a woman, to truly do the metaphor justice.

See the full list of the rap songs that mention Monica Lewinsky below.


It Has Been Said, Aaron Omar

How Do You Feel,Akinyele

Adrenaline,Alpha 520

Get Down,Amplify Dot

Truffle Butt (Truffle Butter Freestyle),”Anye Elite

Scary Movies, Bad Meets Evil

Partition, Beyoncé

Ms. Lewinsky (Clinton Back), B. Foreman

Jaws,Big Fraze

Block Bleeder, Black Menace

Ghaddamnmoney,Block Kids on the New

Foes, Borgore

Leave Me Alone, Pt. 2, Cam’ron

Takeover Freestyle,Cam’ron

Miss Those Days, Celph Titled, featuring Buck Wild

Bud Dwyer, Charles Hamilton

Super Bowl, Chevy Woods

Monica Interview,Chris Rock

Killin Em,Chris Webby

Anti-hero, C-SEN

Tempo, Cymphonique

Bizarre Freestyle, D12

Witit, Danny Brown

It’s Alive, David Chidiac

Danger Roots, Despo Rutti

Help Me, Deuce

Act a Fool, DJ Butter

No Rubber, DJ Butter

Essentials, DJ JS-1

Let’s f*ck, E-40

Blue Widow, Elzhi

Just Rhyming With Proof, Eminem

Rap God,Eminem

XL Show Freestyle,Eminem

Down Here, E.S.G.

Can’t Let You Go (Remix),” Fabolous

Diamonds, Fabolous

Hit it for Free,Field Mob

Zabij mnie nim wejdę na szczyt,Filipek

Bill Clinton, FNBe

The Lah, Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles

Superstar, f*ckly

Monica Lewinsky,G-Eazy

Parents Ain’t Even Care Enough, Goldee

Click Pow, Horseshoe G.A.N.G

Pushin’ Weight (Remix),” Ice Cube

That Action, ImprompTwo

Pills,Jacob ZL


Kings/100,Jez Dior

You Oughta Know, Juelz Santana

Tidal Forces,Jugga the Bully

Through the Wire (Remix),”Kanye West

2005 Hardcore, Kery James

Erase Me,Kid Cudi

Top Floor, Kirko Bangz, featuring 2 Chainz

Bafana Bafana Remix, La Fouine

Powerful (Remix),”Lalcko

Pour qui? Pourquoi,the Wise Poets of the Street

Bitch I’m Bill Clinton,Lil B

Obama BasedGod, Lil B

Courtesy,Lil Deezy

In da Club,Lil Jon, featuring Ludacris and R Kelly

Looks Like Money,Lil Kim

Higher Than a Kite,Lil Wayne, featuring Nicki Minaj

New Orleans,Lil Wayne

No Type, Lil Wayne

Sorry Ms. Carter, Liv

Black Bush, Mac Miller

Willie Dynamite,Mac Miller

Black Trudeau, Maestro Fresh Wes

Get Ready, Mase

Wrist Game,Migos

Summer Zoo, Mister You

Presidential Politics,Money$Team

Splashin Over Monica,Mr. Live

Lighters Up,Nahzy

Life Is What You Make It,Nas

Freaky Girl (Wanna Minaj?),” Nicki Minaj

Getting Cake,Nicki Minaj

I Get Crazy, Nicki Minaj

I Love Ny Range Rover, Nicki Minaj

Itty Bitty Piggy, Nicki Minaj

“Kill Da DJ,” Nicki Minaj

Set It Off,Nicki Minaj

Still I Rise,Nicki Minaj

Sunshine, Nicki Minaj

Win Again,Nicki Minaj

Young Money Ballaz, Nicki Minaj

What the f*ck is Up,”N.O.R.E

Hit ‘Em Up,Pretty Ugly

IFYA, PrezSport

Status Quo, Pyskaty

100 Rounds,Raekwon

Never Back Down, Random Axe

Gorillaz on My Mind, Redman

Freshundunbenannt, Retrogott & Hulk Hodn

The Beginning, Ri.Lee

Presidential Anthem, Rough Riders 2

Can’t Blame Me,Rudy Williams

Chi Kung, RZA

My Lovin’ Is Digi, RZA

Marche Arriere,Sake

I’ve Been Rhymin,SC Static

Serious Business, Seven Shots

Pancakes, Shindy

My Opinion, Shock G

Flawless, Yung Mar, Black P,”Team Backpack

Dick Starbuck: p*rno Detective,The High & Mighty

Squeeze It, Three 6 Mafia

Rap Legend,ToxicNdubuisi

Creep, Twistid Rob

Grunging, Verbal Tech

Zoog Cypher,Wax

In My Car,Wiz Khalifa

In the Ocean, WoeFerro

Thug Money,”Yukmouth

I Rather,Yung Massina


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Every Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky
Every Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky (2024)


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