NJ legal weed: Find your nearest dispensary for recreational, medical marijuana (2024)

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This file is no longer updated as of April 19, 2024. Update your new bookmarks to our new map and list.

By the time you read this article, there might be another dispensary open in New Jersey.

It's been a whirlwind year for the cannabis industry in New Jersey, as the number of retail locations in the Garden State has ballooned to 126 stores.

As of April 15, recreational marijuana customers can purchase legal weed at 119 different New Jersey dispensaries, compared to just 24 one year ago. Of those stores, 45 dispensaries are open to both medical marijuana patients and recreational customers. Another seven New Jersey dispensaries are open exclusively to patients.

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But over the last 12 months, new adult use dispensaries have opened at a rate of more than one per week. Now, there are 74 adult use dispensaries in 20 of 21 counties, as far north as Sussex and as south as West Cape May.

"After having just 12 alternative treatment centers for more than eight years, we have seen a proliferation of businesses in the last two that clearly demonstrates consumer demand and the potential of the cannabis industry in New Jersey," New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Executive Director Jeff Brown said in a statement. "With more businesses opening, we expect a competitive market that will be beneficial to consumers in price, product availability and product quality."

This dispensary boom is likely just the beginning.

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While only about 25% municipalities in New Jersey passed ordinances explicitly allowing dispensaries, those towns have been a hotbed of activity. Virtually every week, a local council is endorsing an application for a dispensary somewhere in New Jersey.

And at the state level, dozens of licenses are being doled out at a time. On April 11, the CRC issued another seven conditional licenses to dispensary applicants, who have six months to secure a location and convert those licenses to standard, annual licenses. The commission also approved another nine dispensary conversions, as well as another two annual dispensary license applicants and the expansion of one medical marijuana dispensary in Somerset.

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Here's a list and map of every legal weed or medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey, and you can find their hours of operation and contact information in our handy table below.

NJ dispensary: Recreational customers only

  • 1634 Funk (Jersey City)
  • A21 Wellness Dispensary (Scotch Plains)
  • Anja (Highland Park)
  • Baked by the River (Lambertville)
  • Bakin' Bad (Atlantic City)
  • Blossom Dispensary (Jersey City)
  • Blue Oak Dispensary (Bloomfield)
  • Camden Apothecary (Camden)
  • Cannabis Clubhouse (Sussex)
  • The Cannabis Place (Jersey City)
  • Cannaboy Treehouse (South Orange)
  • Castaway Cannabis (Delran)
  • Cloud Nine Dispensary (North Plainfield)
  • Cookies Harrison (Harrison)
  • Dank Poet Dispensary (Washington Borough)
  • Daylite Cannabis (Mount Laurel)
  • The Dispensary of Somerset (Somerset)
  • The Dispensary of Union (Union)
  • Earth & Ivy (New Brunswick)
  • Elevated by the CannaBoss Lady (Maplewood)
  • Elevated Herb (West Milford)
  • Evolve Cannabis (Bordentown City)
  • Fire and Oak (Mount Holly)
  • Flower & Flame (Blackwood)
  • Garden Greenz (Jersey City)
  • Golden Door Dispensary (Jersey City)
  • Green Oasis Dispensary (Atco)
  • Gynsyng (Merchantville)
  • Hackettstown Dispensary (Hackettstown)
  • Hashery (Hackensack)
  • Hello High (Hammonton)
  • High Profile (Lakehurst)
  • High Rollers Dispensary (Atlantic City)
  • High Street Dispensary (Hackettstown)
  • Highway 90 (Evesham)
  • Holistic Re-Leaf (Rockaway Township)
  • Indigo Dispensary (Brooklawn)
  • Jersey Meds (Pennington)
  • Jersey Roots Dispensary (West Milford)
  • Joy Leaf (Roselle)
  • Kind Kush (Rockaway Borough)
  • Leaf Haus (Somerset)
  • The Leaf Joint (Jersey City)
  • Legal Distribution (Atlantic City)
  • Lemon 22 Dispensary (Scotch Plains)
  • Mass Grown (Mount Holly)
  • Med Leaf (Egg Harbor City)
  • Midnight Greens (Turnersville)
  • Molly Ann Farms (Haledon)
  • Mountain View Farmacy (West Milford)
  • Natural Apothecary (Belleville)
  • New Era Dispenasry (South Bound Brook)
  • Nightjar (Bloomfield)
  • Noire Dispensary (Maplewood)
  • Nova Farms (Woodbury)
  • Ohm Theory (Elmwood Park)
  • Organic Farms (Camden)
  • Phasal (Runnemede)
  • Phula Dispensary (Mount Holly)
  • Plantabis (Rahway)
  • Puffin Store (New Brunswick)
  • Pure Blossom (Hopewell Township)
  • Queen City Dispensary (Plainfield)
  • Royal M (Plainfield)
  • Shore House Canna (West Cape May)
  • The Social Leaf (South Toms River)
  • Soulflora (West Milford)
  • SunnyTien (Atlantic City)
  • Timber 5 (Somerset)
  • Township Green (Riverside)
  • Union Chill Cannabis Co. (Lambertville)
  • Unity Rd. (Somerset)
  • Voltaire Cannabis (Mount Holly)
  • Zacate (Delran)

NJ dispensary: Medical marijuana patients, recreational customers

  • The Apothecarium (Lodi)
  • The Apothecarium (Maplewood)
  • The Apothecarium (Phillipsburg)
  • Ascend (Fort Lee)
  • Ascend (Montclair)
  • Ascend (Rochelle Park)
  • Aunt Mary's (Flemington)
  • Ayr New Jersey (Eatontown)
  • Ayr New Jersey (Union)
  • Ayr New Jersey (Woodbridge)
  • Bloc Dispensary (Ewing)
  • Bloc Dispensary (Somerset)
  • Bloc Dispensary (Waretown)
  • The Botanist by CCF (Egg Harbor)
  • The Botanist by CCF (Williamstown)
  • Brute's Roots (Egg Harbor)
  • The Cannabist (Deptford)
  • The Cannabist (Vineland)
  • Curaleaf (Bellmawr)
  • Curaleaf (Bordentown Township)
  • Curaleaf (Edgewater Park)
  • Design 710 (Atlantic City)
  • Downtown FLWR (Jersey City)
  • Eastern Green Dispensary (Voorhees)
  • Garden State Botanicals (North Brunswick)
  • Holistic Solutions (Waterford)
  • HoneyGrove Dispensary (Gloucester)
  • Monteverde Modern Dispensary (Red Bank)
  • MPX New Jersey (Atlantic City)
  • MPX New Jersey (Gloucester)
  • MPX New Jersey (Pennsauken)
  • NJ Leaf (Freehold)
  • RIPT Dispensary (Jersey City)
  • RISE Dispensaries (Bloomfield)
  • RISE Dispensaries (Paterson)
  • ROOTS Dispensary (Willingboro)
  • Sanctuary Cannabis (Scotch Plains)
  • The Station (Hoboken)
  • Sweetspot Dispensary (Voorhees)
  • URB'N Dispensary (Newark)
  • Valley Wellness (Raritan)
  • Yuma Way (Garfield)
  • Zen Leaf (Elizabeth)
  • Zen Leaf (Lawrence)
  • Zen Leaf (Neptune)

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NJ dispensary: Medical marijuana patients only

  • The Botanist by CCF (Atlantic City)
  • Breakwater Treatment and Wellness (Cranbury)
  • Breakwater Treatment and Wellness (Roselle Park)
  • Restore NJ (Glassboro)
  • RISE Dispensaries (Paramus)
  • Silver Leaf Dispensary (Somerset)
  • Theo: A Cannabis Co. (Somerset)

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Mike Davis has spent the last decade covering New Jersey local news, marijuana legalization, transportation and a little bit of everything else. He's won a few awards that make his parents very proud. Contact him atmdavis@gannettnj.comor@byMikeDavison Twitter.

NJ legal weed: Find your nearest dispensary for recreational, medical marijuana (2024)


How many recreational marijuana stores are in NJ? ›

Governor Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ – Just three years shy of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission's (NJ-CRC) establishment and just under two years into adult-use (recreational) sales, the agency's dispensary directory now lists 102 medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries across the state.

Do you need a card to buy recreational weed in NJ? ›

Dispensary personnel will need to see a government-issued identification card to ensure purchasers are 21 years or older.

Is medical marijuana cheaper than recreational in NJ? ›

As a result, patients consider not only the cost of registration, but the cost of doctor's visits and the price of marijuana when deciding whether to enroll, Brown said. Often, medical marijuana can be cheaper than recreational marijuana because it is not taxed at the state level.

Can you use a debit card at a dispensary in NJ? ›

The last very important thing to know before visiting a dispensary is what your options are to pay. Cash is king at all locations, and many will have at least one ATM (if not more) on their premises. Some locations let you pay with a debit card, but none accept credit cards.

How much can you buy from a dispensary at a time in New Jersey? ›

Key New Jersey Dispensary

Purchase Limits: Dispensaries are allowed to sell up to the equivalent of 28.35 grams (1 ounce) of usable cannabis in each transaction. Product Categories: A range of cannabis products can be sold, including dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, oils, tinctures, topicals, and more.

What are the 12 dispensaries in New Jersey? ›

NJ dispensary: Recreational customers only
  • 1634 Funk (Jersey City)
  • A21 Wellness Dispensary (Scotch Plains)
  • Anja (Highland Park)
  • Baked by the River (Lambertville)
  • Bakin' Bad (Atlantic City)
  • Blossom Dispensary (Jersey City)
  • Blue Oak Dispensary (Bloomfield)
  • Camden Apothecary (Camden)
Jun 8, 2023

Are NJ dispensaries cash only? ›

There is no credit card use available, so make sure you already have cash or have set up an account with the service that allows you to pay at that location. A little research prior to a visit to your local dispensary will go a long way.

What happens if you get caught with weed in NJ? ›

Possession of less than 50 grams (1.76 ounces) of marijuana is a minor crime in New Jersey, but you can still get jail time, be fined hundreds of dollars and lose your driver's license. Penalties are worse for larger amounts and in certain circ*mstances, such as possession of marijuana on school grounds.

Can you use a credit card at dispensary in New Jersey? ›

Cash or a debit card: With cannabis remaining a federally illegal substance, it is inherently difficult for cannabis businesses like dispensaries to obtain safe and secure banking services. For this reason, dispensaries do not take credit cards.

How much will recreational marijuana cost in NJ? ›

The average overall price of New Jersey cannabis has been gradually falling, from about $16.27 per gram (an eighth-ounce is 3.5 grams) in May 2022 to $13.06 per gram in July 2023, according to data from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

What is the cheapest state to buy medical marijuana in? ›

Here's where medical marijuana is cheapest, according to the study:
  • Oregon: $6.91 per gram.
  • Maine: $8.06 per gram.
  • Colorado: $8.19 per gram.
  • Arkansas: $8.28 per gram.
  • Michigan: $9.81 per gram.
  • Ohio: $10.54 per gram.
  • Mississippi: $10.81 per gram.
  • California: $11.19 per gram.
Oct 23, 2023

Why are NJ dispensaries cash only? ›

With marijuana still illegal at the federal level, major banks and credit companies will not allow cannabis retail establishments to execute transactions with cards. There are, however, some mobile apps, workarounds, and proposed law changes that could shape the future of dispensary payments.

What state has the most recreational dispensaries? ›

California has far more dispensaries than any state: 3,659 at the time of this analysis, more than double the amount in the second-highest ranking state.

Which states have the most recreational dispensaries? ›

There are nearly 15,000 cannabis dispensaries in the U.S., according to the analysis. California has more dispensaries than any other state, with 3,659 dispensaries “more than double the amount in the next closed state.”

How many marijuana licenses are there in NJ? ›

One year later, New Jersey has 24 recreational dispensaries, all run by multi-state operators that were first approved to sell medicinal cannabis. More than 1,200 conditional licenses have been awarded for cultivation, manufacturing, and retail.


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