Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (2024)

Getting the Hang of Unlimited Wordle Game - The Rules

Wordle unlimited throws you into a daily word puzzle where you've got six tries to crack the code of a hidden five-letter word. Every time you give it a shot, the game gives you the feedback, letting you know if your guess was spot-on or way off. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the word using these clues before you run out of attempts. No pressure, right?

Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (3)

Infinite Wordle Online: Play Till Your Fingers Fall Off

Dive into a bottomless pit of fun with Wordle Infinite online! Play as much as you want, with no strings attached, in this exciting word puzzle adventure. Push your limits and show off your word wizardry like there's no tomorrow. Embrace the never-ending excitement of Infinite Wordle online today!

Invite Your Friends to a Challenge: Make Your Own Infinite Wordle Puzzle

Dive into a whole new realm of fun with the Infinite Wordle Generator! Now, you don't just play – you get to create custom infinite Wordle puzzles to stump your friends. Unleash your inner wordsmith as you cook up unique word combinations, providing a fun and personalized experience for you and your pals.

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Tracing the Roots of Wordle: A Fun History Lesson

The original Wordle, cooked up by Welsh engineer Josh Wardle, challenges players to crack a five-letter word in six tries, bringing back memories of classic games like Jotto and Lingo. With feedback given through colored tiles, its popularity exploded after launching in October 2021. When The New York Times bought it in January 2022, they made sure it stayed free and online for all us word nerds.

Conquering Infinite Wordle: Tips and Tricks for Nailing the Right Word

Start your Wordle journey by focusing on those common vowels and consonants. Use the process of elimination to whittle down your choices. Look for familiar patterns like consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) or vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV), and watch out for double letters. Use synonyms and related words to boost your guesses. Remember, all words are five letters long. Make your last guess count by putting confirmed letters in the right spots. Practice makes perfect in the wild world of Infinite Wordle!

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Boost Your Vocabulary: Learn New Words

Grow your word bank with the endless fun of Infinite Wordle. Dive into the game to discover and master new words every time you play. Expand your word knowledge while having a blast, turning Wordle into not just a fun game but a powerful tool for leveling up your language skills.

Explore a Bunch of Words Awaiting Your Guess Every Day.

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Instructions & Tips

Get ready to crack the word in six tries or less!

Type in any 5 letters word and hit Enter.

After each guess, your letters will light up in three different colors to show how close you are to victory.

Check out this example:






Green - nailed it! Right letter, right spot.






Yellow - right letter, wrong spot. Oops!






Black - nope, wrong letter. Try again!

A brand-new word to guess every day! Keep your brain sharp!

Extra Rules

  1. A green letter is worth 30 points and a yellow letter is worth 10 points.
  2. 6x, 5x, 4x, etc., are the point multipliers. The earlier the row you hit the letters, the more points you will get. Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (7) First row: 6 x (10 + 10) = 120.

    Second row: 5 x (30) = 150.

    Total: 120 + 150 = 270

  3. If you find yourself at an impasse, press the 'Hint' button at the top right corner. Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (8)
  4. Click on "Stats" to track your progress. It shows all your solved words with their scores. Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (9)
  5. Use the share buttons to challenge your friends. Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (10)
  6. To change the game language, use the dropdown in the top right corner. Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (11)

Endless Fun and Challenges

Dive into the exhilarating world of Wordle Unlimited, where the fun never stops and the challenges keep coming. Unlike the traditional daily Wordle, Wordle Unlimited allows you to play as many rounds as you want, whenever you want. This endless version ensures that your puzzle-solving skills are constantly put to the test, giving you the perfect opportunity to refine your strategies and become a Wordle master.

Boundless Adventure for Word Enthusiasts

With Wordle unlimited, you're not bound by the constraints of a single daily puzzle. This game offers a boundless adventure for word enthusiasts who crave more than just one challenge a day. Each game presents a new five-letter word for you to decipher, keeping you on your toes and your brain engaged. The unlimited nature of this game means that the excitement never fades, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their vocabulary and have fun at the same time.

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Challenge Your Friends and Family

Invite your friends and family to join the fun with Wordle unlimited. This version not only allows you to play continuously but also gives you the power to create custom puzzles. Challenge your loved ones with words you choose, adding a personal touch to the classic game. Wordle unlimited is perfect for game nights, friendly competitions, or just a solo session to unwind after a long day.

Learning and Growth Through Play

Wordle unlimited is more than just a game; it's a tool for learning and growth. Each puzzle helps expand your vocabulary and sharpens your linguistic skills. The unlimited gameplay ensures that there's always a new word to discover and master, making it a fun and educational experience. Whether you're a seasoned Wordle player or a newcomer, Wordle unlimited offers endless entertainment and learning opportunities.

The Ultimate Word Puzzle Adventure

Experience the ultimate word puzzle adventure with Wordle unlimited. The freedom to play as much as you want, coupled with the ability to create and share custom puzzles, sets this game apart from the rest. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the process, and watch your word knowledge grow with each game. Wordle unlimited is your gateway to infinite word puzzle fun.

Wordle Infinite - unlimited version of daily word game (2024)


Is there an infinite Wordle? ›

Switch to infinite mode to play an unlimited number of times. Open the settings menu to see some of the additional features.

Can I play Wordle for free? ›

So what is Wordle? It's a free word game. The mission is to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less.

What are the multiple Wordle games at once? ›

Multiple word Wordle spinoffs: Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and Sedecordle. Quordle has you solve four word puzzles at once which sounds daunting. Are you up for a challenge? If you love Wordle and want puzzle games that take more brain power, you'll want to check out either Dordle, Quordle, Octordle or Sedecordle.

How to play multiple wordles? ›

You can access Thakkar's Wordle Archive at devangthakkar.com/wordle_archive/? 1. Unlike the official Wordle, the archive does not have a daily limit, so users can play as many puzzles as they want at one time. Once you're on the game page, you can choose to complete the puzzles in any order.

What is the best first word for Wordle? ›

For Normal mode, SLATE, SALET, ROATE and STARE are known to be some of the best alternative starting words for Wordle. For Hard mode, DEALT is believed to be the best Wordle starting word. However, COALS and NITER were found to be the best performing word pair combination for the opening two guesses.

Can you cheat on Wordle Unlimited? ›

Wordle cheats: Play Wordle in incognito mode

Switching to Incognito mode in your browser lets you work out the answer before entering any solutions in the version that tracks your guesses. This way you can use your main window for your 'proper' guesses (read: guesses you show your friends).

What is the best free Wordle game? ›

5-Letter Classic (free)

It's essentially Wordle, but you can play as many games per day as you like. There's also a 6-letter variant, or you can play 5-Letter Daily, which really is identical to Wordle.

What was the first Wordle word? ›

When did Wordle start? Wordle started as a humble independent game played only among friends and family of developer Josh Wardle in June 2021 (the first answer was "Cigar").

Is Wordle no longer free? ›

Daily words are curated by editors using the Oxford Dictionary. Currently, you do not have to register or sign in to play as Wordle is free to play on all platforms.

Can you play the same Wordle twice in one day? ›

And although new Wordle games are only available once per day, the Wordle Archive website has found a way around that. The site, which was launched by designer Devang Thakkar earlier this month, features all the previous Wordles that have been shared so people can attempt to solve them over and over again.

Does everyone playing Wordle get the same word? ›

This practices has raised questions about whether all players receive the same word. The short answer is yes. On a given day, players around the world have access to the same puzzle. However, the game updates based on the timezone of the player, meaning that some have access to a new word more earlier than others.

How do you play Wordle every time? ›

Guessing the vowels first will help narrow down your future guesses. Every 5-letter word has at least one vowel, so vowels are a great starting point. Including at least three vowels in your first word can help you get the most yellow and green letters up front and make your next guesses easier.

Can I go back and play a missed Wordle? ›

Subscribers can go back and play any of the puzzles they missed—including the ones from the original site. If you can't get enough of Wordle, The New York Times might just have a solution to quench that insatiable addiction to the puzzle game.

Can you start Wordle over? ›

If you want to start over on a single daily Wordle, you can visit the Wordle website in Incognito mode, but the score will not be added to your streak. This wikiHow will show you how to reset your Wordle progress on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Is there an archive of old Wordle games? ›

Solvers can now play the official Wordle archive with New York Times Games. For the first time ever, New York Times Games is expanding on the original Wordle game and offering subscribers access to more than 1,000 past Wordle puzzles from the official Wordle archive on the web and in the NYT Games app.

Can you play unlimited Wordle? ›

Why is Wordle only one word per day? Maybe the original version of this game. In our website you can play as many games as you want, thus the name Wordle Unlimited.

Has anyone solved Wordle in one try? ›

The odds of solving a Wordle level in one try is 0.02% on average and is completely down to chance. The odds of solving a Wordle level in two tries is 5.67% on average. The odds of solving a Wordle level in three tries is 22.66% on average. The odds of solving a Wordle level in four tries is 33.10% on average.

Is it possible to never lose at Wordle? ›

But some of it is useful, at least when it comes to the art of streak preservation. I speak from experience, because my Wordle streak is now at 800. That's more than two years of daily play without a single loss.

Has a word ever been repeated on Wordle? ›

No, the words are fixed.


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